Glyoxylic Acid, Water


Hair styling ingredient with semi-permanent hair straightening and hair conditioning effect. The carboxylic and aldehyde groups of glyoxylic acid react with the amine groups present in hair keratin, resulting in the formation of stable bonds.

In particular, glyoxylic acid produces a semi-permanent hair straightening without breaking the cystine disulfide bridge. It provides long lasting relaxing effect of hair fibres, without causing damage to the hair and skin irritations typical of alkaline chemical and other straightening agents.

It is an organic acid with 50% of active in water solution, miscible in water and alcohols.
Contains no formaldehyde.

Glyoxylic acid 50H finds use in hair straightening formulations to smooth wavy & tightly curly hair. When applied with flat iron it softens natural curls providing shiny silk appearance and improving hair maneageability. It represents a milder treatment that is largely used for the semi- permanent straightening of ethnic and frizzy hair.

Can be also employed as a pH adjusting agent to neutralize cosmetic formulations with high pH.

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