Since 1973 Akema Fine Chemicals has been manufacturing raw materials for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, specializing in the production of allantoin, allantoin derivatives and preservatives.

Akema is an independent family-owned company located in north-eastern Italy with a well established distribution network over the five continents. All the production activities are strictly based on its own factory in Italy, near Rimini. Akema has always proudly kept the manufacturing operations for its products in-house.

Over its 30 years of activity Akema has partnered with the leading cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies and has built up a strong reputation throughout the world as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality allantoin.
An exclusive range of allantoin derivatives is also produced, which offers cosmetic formulators a valuable group offunctional compounds for specific applications.

With a long experience in the manufacturing of preservatives for personal care, particularly Imidazolidinyl Urea, Diazolidinyl Urea and DMDM Hydantoin, during the years the company has developed a complete range of preservative systems able to satisfy the challenging requirements of modern cosmetics worldwide.

As highly motivated family company with long history and solid present position, Akema has the abilities for products development, in-house production, global distribution and technical support. Akema provides high quality products and services according to EU standards to successfully serve cosmetic market.